Ultra Wide Band (UWB)

Exact location determination

  • Get insight into the position of your visitors
  • Send personalized push messages
  • Navigate your visitors to the right space

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) allows you to accurately determine the position of your visitors within your location. With the small device you can also easily communicate with your visitors. Discover the surprising and diverse applications of UWB.

Ultra Wide Band

The UWB, like the beacon, is a small device that can send and receive information. However, when it comes to indoor location determination, the UWB is even more advanced than a beacon. It can accurately locate people and even the direction in which they are looking. As the device locates four-dimensionally, it can also measure the height (and so the floor) that the visitor is standing on. This exact location can be applied in the retail, entertainment and sports industries. You can, for example, analyse the route that visitors take through your supermarket. This will help you understand how your customers behave, which enables you to optimise the layout of your store.

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