About us

Heuvelman has been providing the business-to-business market with professional audiovisual services for almost 50 years. As a total solution provider Heuvelman carries out projects for (international) business, hotels, event venues, the government, educational institutions and sports events. Heuvelman actively takes part in all AV services: rental, sales, installation, content creation, secondment, service and ICT. With establishments in IJsselstein (headquarters), Amsterdam and Zoeterwoude we carry out projects throughout Europe. Aside from offering audiovisual support for events, congresses and meetings, we also provide organisations with fixed audiovisual solutions. Heuvelman has established an impressive status in the audiovisual industry.

About Heuvelman

Seven expertises

Heuvelman has seven expertises within the organisation, namely: rental, sale, installation, content creation, secondment, service and ICT. This wide range of expertise makes our organisation a total solution provider. This means that you can call in our organisation for any audiovisual related projects. As Heuvelman is an account-oriented organisation, we have a fixed contact person whom our clients can contact: the fixed account manager (commercially responsible) and the project manager (technically responsible). The added bonus is the personal contact, short lines of communication and fixed persons whom you can contact. In brief, everything is being taken care of at once, relieving the customers of worry.


Regardless of the size of the project that is carried out, Heuvelman uses a method that is specific and transparent towards the client. The activities range from clear, practical advice and a detailed budget, to project management, a site analysis and after sales. Our way of working is based on many years of experience, and a broad knowledge and understanding of the market. We know the (im)possibilities of most hotels, venues, government and public buildings better than anybody else. As a result, we can give professional advice and this will save both time and costs. Eventually, this will lead to perfect vision, sound and light. Furthermore, it is important to note that we are also able operate abroad.

Faith in strategic partnerships

Heuvelman believes in the strength of a strategic partnership between client and supplier. A win-win situation can only be achieved by genuine cooperation between both parties. This principle forms the basis of the cooperation with our clients, which results in long-term partnerships. We are happy to think along with you in order to achieve your ambitions for the future. Developing innovative audiovisual concepts specifically for your organisation or offering advice on how to save in expenses are an important part of the collaboration.

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