Thorough advice on various AV issues

You can contact Heuvelman for advice on the audiovisual layout of rooms, replacement of investments, and AV-ICT integration. We can help you reduce expenses and improve your services by offering advice to you in these areas. The advice we provide is based on our years of experience and broad knowledge on the market and the topic.

Baseline measurement as basis for advice

In case of large projects, we execute a technical report at the start. As part of this report, a baseline measurement is always performed. On the one hand this is necessary to determine the condition of the equipment, and on the other to capture data such as location, age, and warranty. The latter are necessary for a quick and proper service. Based on this measurement, we advise you on possible repairs or replacement investments.

AV & ICT integration

Do you recognise the need for a seamless integration of your AV and ICT system? Then please read further. Our view is that audiovisual equipment is eventually a part of one central AV-ICT system. In an integrated system, everything is controlled from a distance in a single network. From analysing audiovisual equipment in the workplace to integrating ICT equipment into audiovisual solutions in order to operate one system, but also video conferencing systems that are connected to the ICT network of the location, or streaming video, data and audio through such networks, for example. The integration of AV and ICT has been in use for some time, since these two technologies are increasingly merging. We have knowledge and many years of experience to integrate these two systems. You can benefit from this in numerous ways. Firstly, there is no need to create a separate network. Secondly, the integrated strategy ensures that AV and Information and Communication Technology reinforce each other. Thirdly, administrators can monitor and manage the two components simultaneously with the same tools and processes, making its management more user-friendly. Fourthly, only one contact point is needed. Finally, it is conducive to the new way of working as employees can carry out their activities from a distance.

You can contact Heuvelman for advice in this area. Read more about Heuvelman's expertise in the field of ICT and find out how we can answer your AV- and ICT-related questions.

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