Trigger your visitors via their smartphone

  • Communicate wirelessly with smartphones
  • Send personalised push messages
  • Navigate your visitors to the right place

Beacons create a new way in which devices can communicate with each other. This technology enables digital contact with visitors of an event or location. Read more about the surprising and diverse applications of beacons that might be of interest to you.

What do beacons do?

Beacons make it possible to send and receive content. Content may include advertisements, welcoming visitors, or sending other personal messages. Besides giving information, you can also trigger visitors to take action. In addition, the beacon has the function of locating people. However, there is no need to be afraid that the user's privacy will be violated, as the user first has to install a support app before any information is shared.

What are beacons?

A beacon is a small device that can communicate wirelessly with smartphones within a radius of around 50 meters and can be placed anywhere. Communication between the beacon and the smartphone is possible through Bluetooth LE technology. This new Bluetooth Low Energy is extremely economical. Contrary to what many people believe, beacons are relatively inexpensive.


Beacons can be used in different ways. For starters, they can be placed at event and conference locations to locate your visitors. This provides insight into the visitor movements. Moreover, users can easily be guided to the right place within your location. Visitors can also receive an interactive map of your location, which keeps you updated on their current position. Furthermore, you can welcome your audience with a personal message or push notifications. Beacons can also be used in the hospitality industry to present menu cards of your restaurant digitally, for instance. In the retail industry, you can use beacons to charge customers or send personalised offers and product information to the shoppers. All in all, this small device allows you to get to know your target audience better and vice versa.



Ultra Wide Band (UWB)

The UWB, like the beacon, is a small device that can send and receive information. However, when it comes to indoor location determination, the UWB is even more advanced than a beacon. It can accurately locate people and even the direction in which they are looking. As the device locates four-dimensionally, it can also measure the height (and so the floor) that the visitor is standing on. This exact location can be applied in the retail, entertainment and sports industries. You can, for example, analyse the route that visitors take through your supermarket. This will help you understand how your customers behave, which enables you to optimise the layout of your store.

Beacons at Heuvelman

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