The world’s first throwable microphone

  • Fun and practical
  • Additional interaction during a session
  • Can be branded to suit your corporate identity

The CatchBox is the solution to stimulate interaction with the audience at your event. Read more about the outcomes that wireless microphone can offer you.

What is the CatchBox?

To encourage interaction during a session, Heuvelman Sound & Vision B.V. has developed the Catchbox. This wireless microphone, in the form of a dice, is the first microphone in the world which can be rolled. The dice is not only a nice addition to plenary sessions, workshops and meetings, but is also highly functional.

The added value

Nowadays, it is important that information is no longer delivered in one particular way. Participation and discussion during plenary sessions, workshops and meetings is therefor becoming increasingly important. The CatchBox enables this and provides additional interaction with your audience. Participants must make sure that they stay alert - for the Catchbox can end up with anyone.

Heuvelman and the CatchBox

A Catchbox can be rented once, but can also be purchased through Heuvelman. You can choose one of the standard colours, but the microphone can also be stylized to suit your brand. Contact us for more information!

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