Heuvelman Sound & Vision B.V. uses cookies to make sure our website runs smoothly and to be able to provide the best service to our target group. We use three different type of cookies. Functional cookies, analytical cookies and marketing cookies. We would like to explain the difference between these type of cookies.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are needed to make sure the website functions normally and runs smoothly. These cookies will be placed standardly, and when you change your cookie settings these cookies will not be deleted.

Analytical cookies

Heuvelman also places analytical cookies. These cookies are used to generate statistics about our website. These reports help us shape our website better and helps us in being able to provide the best service for our target group.

Marketing cookies

Besides the functional and analytical cookies we also place marketing cookies. We use these cookies to follow our website visitors to a certain level. This way we can collect information about the website behavior of our website visitors. We ask your permission for this type of cookies.

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