Get more out of your equipment and gain more independence

As a total solution provider, our organisation also offers training sessions to teach you how to use your audiovisual equipment correctly and to be able to repair minor malfunctions without help. The advantages are that you can get more out of the purchased equipment and you are less dependent. Heuvelman's training is a course that covers all the activities needed for mental and structural implementation. The training is usually planned between the delivery of the audiovisual installation and the commissioning of the equipment. However, it is also possible to take part in these training sessions at a later time.

The road to independence

Training sessions consist of short workshops that are fully adapted to the target groups. The workshops are relatively short sessions in which employees will use the system (hands-on) in addition to learning the theory behind it (system operation). The primary goal is for the users to gain experience by using their own resources (what are the possibilities and impossibilities) and learning how to use these optimally. The result is that all users are able to operate the equipment independently, based on the functional demands their position has on the equipment. One of our trained staff will still provide support in the beginning.

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