Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For Heuvelman, doing business is more than making profit. We find that entrepreneurship is about contributing to a better society, in which human and environmental factors are just as important as making profits. For Heuvelman, CSR is about business activities that contribute to creating balance between ecological, economic, political, or social issues. All technological, economic, ecological, political or social developments should contribute to a healthy earth with prosperous inhabitants and well-functioning ecosystems. We find it important that CSR is not only paperwork. Hence, our organisation set up guidelines to put the concept of CSR into practice. Curious? Read our CSR guidelines here.

FIRA verification

Heuvelman has chosen to test her CSR policy by an independent external party in order to create maximum transparency and reliability. Our organisation is verified by FIRA, which proves that we actually perform our reported activities.

Social return

Heuvelman considers social return to be very important. Social return has been developed to create more jobs for people who have become distanced to the job market. By means of creating extra jobs, the target group can participate according to their abilities, which means extra productivity that would otherwise be unutilised. The ultimate goals are to help this group to get a job and gain some work experience. 


Heuvelman values sustainable businesses highly. This includes business activities that contribute to creating a good balance between ecological, economic and social interests. Based on this, our organisation has selected a few charities with whom we gladly work together. Ultimately, we chose organisations that fit our business philosophy. Heuvelman has a partnership with Right to Play, the Richard Krajicek Foundation and Enactus. Heuvelman is responsible for the audiovisual support of the events organised by their partners.

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