Partnership Delta Lloyd

Since 2015 Delta Lloyd and Heuvelman have been working together closely in the field of audiovisual services. Our organization is responsible for both installing permanent solutions and service & maintenance for these solutions for all four locations in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Arnhem, Zwolle and Helmond). Beside this, Heuvelman is also responsible for supporting all internal and external events Delta Lloyd hosts with AV techniques.

Delta Lloyd and Heuvelman both value this strategic partnership between client and supplier highly. Only by really working together there can be profit for both parties. From this vision we have been working together for many years with great satisfaction.

Installation: re-furnishing spaces

Heuvelman facilitates the installation of equipment in all meeting- and congress rooms and public spaces. Also the auditorium had to be re-furnished. This area, with a capacity of 150 people, is furnished mainly with already present equipment. The operation system has been reprogrammed.

Wireless presenting – installation

The main problem within Delta Lloyd were the loose cables in the meeting rooms. Using wireless presenting it is now possible to connect every device such as a laptop, mobile and/or tablet, easily with the present screen or projector. In cooperation with the ICT department of Delta Lloyd we have thoroughly checked the technique to be able to guarantee it’s safe use. In the present day wireless presenting is used on a large scale within the offices of Delta Lloyd. The users are enthusiastic and future new installations will be less costly, due to the non-presence of cables.

Event facilities

Beside sales, permanent installations and service & maintenance, Heuvelman supports Delta Lloyd with AV during all events, internal and external. For internal events can be thought of shareholder meetings, figure presentations, employee meetings and business events. As an example, every year Heuvelman is responsible for the technique during the shareholder meetings (AVA) of Delta Lloyd. The edition of 2016 was unique. Heuvelman facilitated live images from two different auditoriums, with the possibility to interact with the crowd.

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