Sound amplification

Always clearly intelligible

  • Customised solution
  • Clear sound
  • Also suitable for innovative and special solutions

The quality of sound amplification makes or breaks a good lecture or meeting. Naturally, you do not want to worry about this during your event. We gladly take care of it for you, offering you a solution that perfectly suits your situation.


As an organiser of a conference, event or other kind of meeting, you want to be sure that all speakers are perfectly intelligible. Heuvelman can arrange that for you by means of sound amplification. To provide you with a correct solution, we take into account the size of the audience, the size of the room and the type of meeting, among other things. In order to guarantee a good quality, we only work with professional top brand equipment. 

Fixed installation

In addition to offering temporary solutions, Heuvelman also offers fixed installations to always provide your visitors with high-quality sound. This can be used within your event or conference venue, or a business or meeting, for example, but in council rooms a sound boost system is also very effective. Through combining the sound with a camera system, you can zoom in on the speaker who has the floor. This way, everyone in the room has a clear overview on who is speaking. This makes the whole even more advanced. In cooperation with you, Heuvelman will look for the perfect solution for your space, taking into account the aforementioned factors. Contact us for more information.

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