Our organisation was founded by Dick Heuvelman in 1968. Mainly because of his enthusiasm and devotion, Heuvelman has become a renowned company in the audiovisual industry. We are happy to tell you about the rich history of our organisation!

1968 – 1981

At a young age, Mr Heuvelman already had a passion for everything surrounding sound amplification. He turned his hobby into his profession and thus established Heuvelman Sound Technology B.V.. The organisation started with mainly renting out audio systems for events and congresses. One of the milestones in the early years was de audio support at the Dam in Amsterdam during the coronation of Princess Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands in 1980.


1981 – 1990

In the eighties, the organisation underwent a transformation from audio to audio & video. Around the same time, the first professional cameras entered the market. In order to shoot on location, Heuvelman acquired her first component camera-car to bring peripheral equipment to productions. In 1981 Mr Heuvelman sold his company to their management at the time: Andre van de Heijden and Niek Lambooy. In cooperation with General Electric from America, Mr Lambooy developed the TLV projector; the world’s first commercial HD projector. 


1990 – 2004

In 1990, the management sold 50 percent of Heuvelman to the Dutch Broadcasting Production Company (Dutch abbreviation: NOB). This semi-public, government-funded organisation considered Heuvelman to be the ultimate addition to her service. As the NOB aimed to be The Netherlands’ and West-Europe’s leading audiovisual company, Heuvelman continued to grow rapidly. Because of the increasing popularity of video, this branch was added to the service of the organisation, and the name of the organisation was changed to Heuvelman Sound & Vision B.V. Within a few years, there were five establishments in the Netherlands, five in Germany, two in Belgium and one in England. At that time, around 400 employees were working at Heuvelman. However, in 2002, the NOB was privatised and so was Heuvelman Sound & Vision. This resulted in a reorganisation of the company, which caused the closure of the establishments in Germany and England. The establishments in the Netherlands were centralised and their headquarters placed in Utrecht.


2004 – 2014

Hans Bolland and his brother Peter Bolland purchased Heuvelman Sound & Vision in 2004. In 2007, the organisation moved to their newly designed headquarters in Culemborg. However, the Bolland brothers each went into a different direction in 2010. In 2014 50% of Heuvelman Sound & Vision’s shares were acquired by Mr Marco Smakman.

2014 – present

In 2015, an establishment was opened in Amsterdam. This accounts for Heuvelman Sound & Visions fourth establishment, besides Zoeterwoude and Eindhoven. A faster service can now be provided to customers in and around the capital. In 2017, many changes took place within the organisation. Heuvelman Sound & Vision is forced to relocate to a new headquarters in IJsselstein due to continued growth in both rental and sales of audiovisual solutions. Our 450m² Experience Room is a unique asset where clients are inspired by the latest audiovisual technologies and concepts. In the meantime, 120 employees are working at the organisation. It was decided to shorten the name of the company to Heuvelman and adopt a new corporate identity.

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