Innovative answers to your AV- and ICT-related questions

Heuvelman is specialised in incorporating audiovisual equipment (operating systems and hardware) into your current ICT system. Furthermore, our organisation is experienced in programming and the integration of audiovisual equipment in the cloud (Office 365). We can provide you with innovative solutions for your AV- and ICT-related problems. Below you will discover the advantages of an integrated AV-ICT system and how this can support your organisation.

ICT expertise

As audiovisual equipment is getting more intertwined with Information and Communication Technology, Heuvelman has invested in its own ICT department. Our employees will help to provide solutions for projects, as well as assist our project managers in discussions about ICT-related issues. In addition, they offer support to employees, from solving issues that are related to information and communication technology to implementing complex digital signage systems in your network. Due to our broad knowledge in this area, communicating with the ICT departments of our clients can easily be realised on all levels and ensures that we can supplement additional services regarding secured networks such as webcasting, digital signage or reservation systems for rooms.

Integration of AV & ICT

Our view is that audiovisual equipment is eventually a part of one central AV-ICT system. In an integrated system, everything is controlled from a distance in a single network. From analysing audiovisual equipment in the workplace to integrating ICT equipment into audiovisual solutions in order to operate one system, but also video conferencing systems that are connected to the ICT network of the location, or streaming video, data and audio through such networks, for example. The integration of AV and ICT has been in use for some time, since these two technologies are increasingly merging. We have knowledge and many years of experience to integrate these two systems. You can benefit from this in numerous ways. Firstly, there is no need to create a separate network. Secondly, the integrated strategy ensures that AV and Information and Communication Technology reinforce each other. Thirdly, administrators can monitor and manage the two components simultaneously with the same tools and processes, making its management more user-friendly. Fourthly, only one contact point is needed. Finally, it is conducive to the new way of working as employees can carry out their activities from a distance.

Cooperation Platani: ready for the future!

To further strengthen our services in the field of ICT, we have partnered with Platani. This organisation is an expert par excellence, specialising in consultancy and projects in the field of Information and Communication Technology infrastructure. With the addition of Platani, Heuvelman is able to advise on various ICT infrastructure issues; from purely technical to advice on strategic decisions regarding your ICT environment. In addition, we can help you by coaching you on implementing (new) solutions and efficiently organising your management processes. With this we are not looking at an individual product or technology. Instead, the focus lies on creating a solution that meets both the technical requirements and the existing knowledge and processes of your organisation.

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