Indoor LED

A customised visual spectacle

  • Present your information in an appealing manner to your audience
  • Can be made available in any format
  • Splendid visual sight of high quality

LED displays allow you to display content in a beautiful way during your event or any other kind of meeting. By installing fixed displays, you will always have this optimal quality at hand. The applications are endless. Get inspired on how to use the indoor LED screens and get informed about the wide range of products below.


Due to the high quality and superior appearance of the indoor LED screens, the displayed content easily attracts the attention of your visitors and passers-by. Therefore, the displays are very suitable for information purposes during events, congresses or other kinds of meetings, but also to be installed permanently in public spaces. For example, shopping centres, event and conference venues, or museums, as well as reception spaces within your organisation.

Diverse offer

Heuvelman has a wide range of top brand displays at their disposal. There are numerous versions available, differing in layout and shape (flat or curved). Furthermore, you can also combine the screens into a large video wall or use them as a social media wall. In short, anything is possible and therefore there will always be a model that suits your purpose.

Outdoor LED

Do you want to use a LED display outside? Then indoor LED screens are not ideal. Their light intensity is too low to be seen well in sunlight. Therefore, Heuvelman has a wide range of outdoor LED screens at their disposal, which can display your content optimally. Moreover, these screens are developed to accommodate various weather conditions. 

Do you want to display your content in an optimal way? Or would you like more information about indoor LED screens? Please contact us; we will gladly assist you.

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