Indoor localization

The possibilities of exact indoor localization

  • Gain insight in the behavior of your visitors
  • View which routes your visitors use
  • Endless tracking possibilities

How does indoor localization work?

When you are outside, your location can be easily and accurately followed and registered via your GPS connection. Inside this is not as easy. To make sure that the location of your visitors can be followed and registered when inside we offer UWB, Ultra Wide Band.

This amazing technique is insensitive to interference and can determine ones location very accurately. This happens real time with using a chip, which is followed constantly.

How can this product be used?

The chip that makes indoor localization possible is small enough to put into a bracelet of a shopping cart. This makes the chip easy to use. If you can think of it, it is probably possible to achieve it with a chip.

For instance, when you have a shop or mall and want to analyze the walking routes your customers take, we can put a chip in the shopping carts. The entire route the customer takes will be registered and later linked to their purchases. This information can be used to completely re-organize your store.

You can also improve the safety within your company with indoor localization. By determining where your employees are within the company, you can automatically switch on and off your machinery. This way a machine will never be up and running without an employee nearby.

During congresses the chip could be implanted in bracelets, which will be handed out to the visitors. This way you can determine which areas are visited most and which areas are not as popular among the visitors. You can also analyze where the bottlenecks are and upgrade your crowd management by doing so.

All this data is being saved and can be analyzed by yourself of Heuvelman. When you give this task to us, you’ll receive an extensive report with data you can use directly.

Are you interested in what indoor localization can do for you? Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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