Informing and communication

Are you looking to display your information in a visually appealing way or only to transfer your message well? Are you struggling to create appealing visual content and do you want to determine where, when, and what information is available? Then read on and see what AV solutions could do for you.

Inform visitors and employees at permanent locations

Communicating to different audiences within your location can be done in a variety of ways. Heuvelman is a specialist in providing permanent audiovisual solutions that support your organisation with informing your target groups (employees, visitors, etc.). We provide the complete audiovisual design of business premises, hotels, locations, and shopping centres in order to convey messages to the public. Heuvelman provides systems such as digital signage, information columns, evacuation and broadcasting facilities, as well as beacons that support this. Our innovative concepts can also ensure that engagement, pleasure, insight of employees or visitors increase and that they experience a sense of protection, connection, and innovation. A commonly used system to accomplish this is digital signage. Digital signage is the digital display of content on screens, also called narrowcasting. This determines how, when, and what information your target groups are being approached with.


Inform visitors during events

In addition to facilitating permanent audiovisual equipment, we also provide all technology that aims to inform at both internal and external events. Again, the aim of this is presenting information visually at the desired place and time. Means such as LED-screens, transparent displays, information columns and beacons are an added merit during events. A beacon is a small device that can communicate with smartphones wirelessly. You can welcome your audience with a personal message or send push notifications for example.