Information columns

Inform your visitors

  • Endless possibilities
  • Various shapes and sizes
  • Professional appearance

Would you like to provide your visitors with the latest programme of your event? Or do you want to navigate your audience through your premises? Then using information columns is a good option. They suit many useful purposes and have a professional appearance. Read more about the possibilities below.

What is an information column?

Information columns are large touch screens in the form of, as the name suggests, a column or a table. In essence, the concept is used to inform users on the building, facilities or a map, for example.


The information column informs your visitors and is therefore useful in many situations. You can put the column at the entrance of your organisation so that visitors can find out more about the company they are visiting. This may include a signpost, but also photos of current affairs or a map of the property. Furthermore, the information column can be used as an interactive element in museums, so visitors can choose which information they want to acquire about a particular object. In the retail industry, the device can be used to show the full assortment, different options and stock.

Also at events

The applications of fixed installations are endless, but so are the applications of our rentals. Place the information column or table at your event to inform visitors on the latest programme, the hall layout, or to promote your sponsors.

Information column at Heuvelman

Are you interested in using an information column, or would you like more information? Then contact us. We will gladly inform and advise you. We will choose the right solution together, to make sure that the column is used to its full abilities.

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