Augmented reality

An additional dimension to reality

  • A huge number of applications
  • Amazing results
  • Brings innovation

Would you like to use the absolute latest in your organisation or at your event? Then augmented reality might be just the thing for you. This concept is still in its early stages of development but the possibilities are endless. Read more below.

The difference

Many people have difficulty distinguishing augmented reality from virtual reality. The big difference is, however, that with augmented reality people can still see part of the “real” world. Your surroundings are mixed with holograms. With virtual reality, you enter an artificial world and are therefore unable to see its real surroundings.

How does augmented reality work?

Augmented reality can work by way of special glasses, but also through apps or the camera of your mobile device. An extra dimension is added to the user’s range of vision. This can be very useful if you want to show customers the different possibilities of how something can look. Additional information can also be displayed on the screen. This creates an amazing customer experience.

For whom can the application of augmented reality be beneficial?

Augmented reality can be used at your event to entertain the audience. But this technology can also be used in the retail industry, at event or congress venues, or hotels. For instance, you can show the proposed arrangement of a room.

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