Living surface

Images and animations come to life

  • Extra dynamics in a ‘static’ environment
  • For events and locations
  • Projection on floors, walls or screens

Would you like to have an interactive element during your event? Or a fascinating interior design in your stores? Or a real icebreaker and attention trigger for your advertisement? Make use of our effective concept: the living surface! Transform your floor, wall or display into a dynamic experience with the option of making your images react to the movements of your audience. Read more to learn about the added value of the living surface.

What is a living surface?

Living surface is a technology where images and/or animations with the ability to respond to movements of bystanders are projected on walls, floors, screens or other objects. These movements are detected by infrared cameras. The living surface is can be fully customised and is available in different types and sizes. This means that the technology can be applied on a floor or wall, but also on a screen. Naturally, logos, photos, images and slogans can be easily integrated into a living surface. Together we will create a design that will be carried out by us to be a true audiovisual experience.


The floor and wall are places by means of which little is communicated. However, more than 80% of people look down when they walk. Your message will reach many people through floor projection and gives your audience more interaction through moving images.


The living surface is not only highly entertaining to the user, but also to the onlookers. Therefore, it is ideal to install the living surface as an advertisement in your store or office. In addition, you can also apply it during your event. Please contact Heuvelman, and we will inform and advise you on the possibilities.

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