Service and maintenance to the last detail

Heuvelman’s service department performs preventive and corrective maintenance of audiovisual equipment and carries out periodic inspections according to the applicable NEN1 standards. Therefore, Heuvelman offers various maintenance contracts. Concluding such a contract assures you of using your audiovisual installation any time without any worries. Moreover, Heuvelman will relieve you from any concerns in case of malfunctions as you won’t have to contact the manufacturer for factory warranty yourself, for example.

A maintenance contract is always a supplement to your current factory warranty. It contains specific agreements concerning the maintenance of audiovisual equipment and the handling of malfunctions or defects. In addition, the contract includes temporary equipment to replace defect equipment. As Heuvelman is one of leading rental companies in The Netherlands, replacement equipment is always available. The above ensures you of a quick and professional solution to any defects or problems, and makes sure that your installation or equipment can be used again within no time.

Heuvelman offers three Service Level Agreements (SLA), which allows service to be provided to you at the desired level, depending on your own requirements. A SLA of our organisation ensures that you can use your installation without worry. The three levels are:

1The Dutch organisation that supervises and composes norms of quality and safety of products and services.

Online monitoring

Heuvelman can also monitor your equipment from a distance if desired. In order to do so we have developed a monitoring tool, which enables us to check continually if your system functions properly. Should there be a malfunction or any other problem, a message will be send automatically to Heuvelman’s service coordinator – which ensures that immediate action can be taken. Our tool analyses the status of the monitors, PC-temperature, CPU-usage and network connection. In addition, a screenshot is sent every five minutes, which allows Heuvelman to check via its software if the system is running as desired. The benefit of this system is that it enables quick communication between your organisation and Heuvelman. In short, online monitoring relieves your workload with regards to the use of audiovisual equipment.

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