Handling malfunction

The service department has a service desk, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week at the phone number +31 88 0274 900. Malfunctions can also be reported by mail, on our website, or via specific web-based applications such as Planon, LeftClick or TOPdesk. If you have a malfunction in your existing audiovisual equipment, and would you like this problem to be resolved as quickly as possible? Then please complete the malfunction notification form.

Malfunctions are reported to the service coordinator who manages the service engineers. Each notification is stored in the ERP software system and gets a unique RMA number in order to monitor the progress of the malfunction: the date of the report, the detector, the location, the device, the progress, the workaround, the estimation of the duration, the actual duration, the date of handling. Subsequently, the service coordinator determines which service is granted, based on the service agreement (SLA).

Online monitoring

Heuvelman can also monitor the functioning of your equipment from a distance. For this purpose, we use a monitoring tool which enables us to continuously check if your system still functions properly. If there is a malfunction or any other problem, a message will be send automatically to the service & maintenance department – ensuring that we can take immediate action and thereby save time. Our tool keeps track of the status of the monitors, PC temperature, CPU usage and network connection. In addition, the tool sends a screenshot every five minutes, which allows Heuvelman to check via its software to see whether the system is running as desired. This enables Heuvelman to act quickly in case of a defect. In short, online monitoring takes some weight off your shoulders and relieves you from concern.

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