Supportive equipment for each type of meeting

Heuvelman is a specialist in installing permanent audiovisual meeting facilities. You can go to Heuvelman for the complete audiovisual design of meeting rooms and boardrooms, for example. We find the most appropriate facilities for any type of room and any type of conference. Our organisation is happy to advise you on how to meet your communication goals for meetings properly. In addition to the complete solutions we offer, you can purchase systems such as video conferencing, operating systems, discussion systems, and camera systems as well. Furthermore, it is possible to deliver equipment specifically designed for meetings.

Collaboration solutions

Collaboration is online cooperation and exchange of information with the assistance of specific systems. This trend is regarded as the new way of meeting. You can see it as video conferencing at its highest level, which places its main focus on the sharing of content between all participants. You can make sure that colleagues in the boardroom and colleagues from all over the world are able to participate easily during the conference. This new way of working allows every employee to work whenever and wherever they wish. This allows for flexibility and independence. Another advantage is that collaboration increases the commitment of participants. Collaboration solutions of Heuvelman result in more creative, intuitive and smooth meetings. Examples of collaboration systems are audio and video conferencing and livestreaming.

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