Mission & Vision


Heuvelman aims to be a leading provider of professional audiovisual support for communicative purposes. We shape the way in which the audience of our client hears, sees and experiences. We believe that quality, innovation, trust and reliability are the key aspects to be successful in the AV sections of rental, sales, installation, content creation, secondment, service and ICT. Our philosophy is that traditional customer-supplier relationships are making way for valuable partnerships.


People will always continue to communicate. Developments such as the fast rate of innovation and the increasing need for relevant and new information are enforcing factors in this. The ideal communication is and will always be the combination of sound and the perception of images where the goal is that one reinforces the other. Audiovisual resources enhance the range and intensity of communication, thereby supporting the desired outcome of communication goals. We believe that audiovisual technology will increasingly integrate with other systems. The integration of multiple components for optimal information services will keep growing in importance.

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