Unite 2018 in Berlin

This year Unity organized the annual Unite 2018 event in Berlin. The goal of this event was to inform the community of Unity about the progress and newest ideas and products. Lees meer »

Across borders with VNG Annual Congress

Recently the annual congress of the Association of Dutch Municipalities took place in the MECC in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Each year the congress is hosted in a different municipality. Heuvelman was responsible for the complete production. Lees meer »

26th edition Hilton Herring party

Recently the 29th edition of the Hilton Herring party took place in Hilton Amsterdam. The herring was welcomed and everyone could enjoy the fish, which had even more fat then previous years. Lees meer »

Collaboration with Unique Venues of Amsterdam

Recently we have been connected with the association ‘Unique Venues of Amsterdam. This society exists of multiple unique meeting and event locations who have joined forces. Lees meer »

Partnership with Essent

Essent the Netherlands and Heuvelman recently began a close collaboration in the field of audiovisual service. Lees meer »


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