Have you ever been impressed by an event, when you visit an amusement park, when you go to the cinema or when you enter a museum. Do you wish to leave behind such a powerful impression with your audience? Let us help you overawe your target audience by using innovative and creative audiovisual solutions.

Leave a lasting impression

Heuvelman has been a specialist in the area of permanent audiovisual solutions for years. With this experience and techniques we can support your organization with impressing your audience, whether this is your employees or your visitors. With our help and audiovisual products your target audience will stay fascinated and you will leave a memorable impression.

We can supply the complete audiovisual facilities for business premises, hotels and other locations to make sure a strong message is transferred. We do this by using our audiovisual techniques smartly. You can think of indoor LED, a videowall, a widescreen or the TableConnect. But also sound installations and mood lighting. A good example of this is that we can make a videowall as large or as small as you want, by connecting multiple displays. Because the borders of the displays are so small, they are barely visible which makes the end result very nice to look at. This always overawes the audience.

Based on your wishes we will come up with a customized solution. With this you will be able to draw attention to yourself and overawe your target audience. Ideal for demonstrating products and locations, but also for events, congresses and fairs.

Do you wish to leave an unforgettable impression? Would you like the newest audiovisual techniques for your company or event? Contact us and come visit our Experience Room.

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