Heuvelman is the number one specialist in providing presentation facilities. Heuvelman offers permanent audiovisual equipment including service and maintenance, but our organisation also carries out the technical production of presentations at internal or external events. Our content creation department can facilitate the content of presentations.


Permanent audiovisual equipment

Heuvelman can provide you with a complete audiovisual design of various spaces where presentations take place. In addition, we deliver audiovisual equipment especially for the purpose of presenting such as projectors, video walls, and sound amplification. Furthermore, you can purchase operating systems, interaction systems and camera systems at Heuvelman. Discover which permanent solutions are of interest to you.

Temporary solutions during events

Not only does Heuvelman provide permanent audiovisual equipment, our organisation carries out the technical support for presentations at internal or external events as well. Examples of audiovisual support during events are projection, light, translation systems, app development, livestreaming, and interaction systems. The personal attention and service we offer is a distinctive characteristic of our service. Discover the variety of products we offer per expertise and branch.