Quality Marks

Certifications and professional associations

Excellent service is a fundamental value in the pursuit of perfection. Heuvelman is designed to meet this requirement. To guarantee a consistent high-quality service for our clients, we have a variety of certifications – also called quality management systems. Below you will find a clear overview and description of all the certifications and professional associations we are affiliated with.

 Association System Intergrators (VSI)

VSI is the professional association of audiovisual installers. All members meet the substantial requirements of expertise, experience, independency and continuity. Heuvelman has been part of the basis of VSI’s origin.

 SCC certified

Heuvelman fully complies with the requirements of the SCC (SHE Safety, Health and Environment, Checklist Contractors). The checklist is a comprehensive questionnaire that is used as an audit and screening system for contractors who do business with clients. In fact, SCC is more than a checklist; it is a versatile and complete program where service providers are being tested on their SCC management system objectively and structurally.

 ISO 9001:2015 certified

Since 2016, Heuvelman has been in possession of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. This international standard sets requirements for the quality management system of an organisation. Based on an established quality policy and the optimisation of business processes, customer satisfaction is a focal point.

 ISO 14001:2015 certified

Since 2016, Heuvelman has met the requirements for ISO 14001:2015. This certificate indicates that our organisation attaches value to the environment, and measures and reduces their possible impact on it. ISO 14001 is the internationally accepted standard framework for companies and organisations to set up an effective environmental management system. The requirements within the framework help improve environmental policy by using more efficient sources, reducing waste and costs. An environmental management system is used to develop an appropriate environmental policy for organisations and to ensure implementation at the same time.

 NEN 3140 approval

Maintenance of audiovisual equipment performed by Heuvelman is in accordance with the NEN 3140 standards. This is the Dutch standard (NEN) for safe operation of work near, on, or with electrical objects in the low voltage range. Delivered equipment is checked with regard to these standards by a certified employee of Heuvelman. Moreover, the service department of Heuvelman carries out preventive and corrective maintenance and performs a periodic inspection in accordance with the applicable NEN standards.

 VOG-declaration and hospitality training

Furthermore, our employees have a VOG-statement1, are aware of their requirement of confidentiality, and speak both Dutch and English. In addition, all our employees get an annual hospitality training. We think that this training is important, because it makes a real difference on the level of detail where our clients, speakers and participants are at the centre of our attention.

Should you wish more information about our quality marks? You can call us at +31 (0)88 0274 900 or fill out our contact form.

1Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag: a statement that guarantees that an employee’s behaviour in the past is not an objection to fulfilling their task or function in society.

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