Room management

Set up your organisation more efficiently

  • Use spaces as effectively as possible
  • Never get disturbed during meetings
  • Prevent double bookings

Organisations increasingly experience the importance of having a good schedule for the availability of meeting rooms. This saves time and avoids unnecessary irritations. To this end, Heuvelman offers a reservation system for rooms. Read on to find out about the benefits of room management.

Why reservation of rooms?

A reservation system for rooms makes it very easy to reserve meeting, consultation and presentation rooms. As the system gives each employee a personal digital signature, it is easy to see which rooms they have booked and which ones are still available. Your organisation can operate much more efficiently this way. There is no need to search for available rooms, which will save you a lot of time. In addition, other colleagues will no longer disturb meetings because they see that space is currently occupied. Also, the system prevents double bookings for rooms.

How does space reservation work?

With modern touch screens attached near the entrance of the meeting room, you can easily reserve the room. The green and red lights around the display instantly show you whether the space is already occupied. In addition to booking the room via the screens, you can also book via known interfaces. For example, you can book rooms from any device such as computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This means that the employee does not have to be on location to book a room. This specification perfectly suits the current trend of flexible work.

For whom is the system interesting?

Room reservation is especially interesting for companies and institutions to use the available rooms as effectively as possible. In addition, the system also enables you to see where your colleagues are working so that they do not have to unnecessarily search for each other. In addition to booking rooms, you can also reserve workstations. This completely suits the new way of working, where colleagues choose where they want to work. When employees arrive at the office, they can guarantee a workplace for themselves using the reservation system.

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