Permanent AV expertise at your location

One of Heuvelman's most characteristic and distinctive concepts in terms of service is the in-house concept, which means that Heuvelman places one or more of its own employees at your location. As a result, you will always have an expert in audiovisual equipment at your service who offers you full support and relieves you of considerable burden. Secondment means that the employees are permanently employed by us and seconded to clients, either permanent or on call. Over the past years, Heuvelman gained much experience in secondment; we are happy to share this knowledge with your organisation.

Activities of the seconded employee

A seconded employee can be deployed as an extension to your sales department. With their technical knowledge, they can advise your client or prospect and help you persuade them to choose your location. Furthermore, seconded employees may be deployed for daily tasks, such as setting up rooms for meetings, or troubleshooting and technical support during a seminar or conference. Furthermore, these employees are perfectly able to maintain your audiovisual equipment and execute small repairs. For example, they can advise you on the maintenance or possible replacement of your audiovisual equipment.

Qualitative and flexible services

All of Heuvelman’s seconded staff is SCC qualified. Employees are not only selected on technical skills, but also on flexibility, representativeness and being service-oriented. Moreover, our employees have a VOG statement1, are aware of their confidentiality requirement and speak Dutch and English.

1Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag: a statement that guarantees that an employee’s behaviour in the past is not an objection to fulfilling their task or function in society.


We can train several technicians for you, so that they are able to replace your/our permanent employee in case of illness or holidays. This way, you will always have an employee with equal qualifications at your disposal. The advantage is that there will always be a familiar face on site; someone who is familiar with your location, equipment and protocols.

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