SLA Basic

The SLA Basic of Heuvelman provides solutions for malfunctions of audiovisual equipment. Heuvelman repairs the malfunctions or defects 7 days a week, keeping the downtime to a minimum. If necessary, temporary replacement of the equipment can be arranged. This SLA provides solutions based on a fixed rate per year for a predetermined period.

The service department has a service desk which is available by telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Heuvelman guarantees a response time by telephone up to 15 minutes. Malfunctions can also be reported by email or via the website. During business hours (08:00-18:00), a professional employee will initiate contact within the same time frame. They offer mobile or online support. If this does not prove sufficient, they will bring in a service engineer. Outside office hours, the response time is 60 minutes.

With a SLA Basic, the following is included:

  • Support by telephone from Monday to Sunday; 24 hours a day
  • Complete fulfilment of proceedings and communication according to factory warranty 
  • Handling of malfunctions 7 days a week
  • Call-out fees of the service technician
  • Hourly rate of the service technician
  • Temporary replacement equipment out of the rental fleet

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