SLA Premium

In addition to all SLA Basic options, SLA Premium also offers annual preventive maintenance. Additional preventive maintenance increases the availability and lifespan of the equipment you purchased and helps reduce the number of unexpected malfunctions.

Operations and measurements are carried out based on an annual planning, whereby all activities are recorded in clear reports. Preventive maintenance will take place either once or several times a year. Contact us if you want to know which audiovisual equipment is covered in this SLA agreement.

For preventive maintenance within SLA Premium, the following are included:

  • Checking the factory specifications;
  • Cleaning the inside and outside of the equipment (essential points);
  • Adjustment and oiling of mechanical parts;
  • Performing modifications;
  • Carry out updates of the control software;
  • Technical reporting afterwards;
  • Repair advice;
  • Operations with regard to replacing a projector lamp;
  • Call-out fees of the service technician; from station to location;
  • Hourly rate of the service technician.

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