Smart building

Make your building smarter

  • Prevent unnecessary costs
  • Perfectly connects to the new way of working
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Would you like to reduce energy consumption within your organization? Or improve the working environment for your employees? Increase productivity and avoid unnecessary costs with a Building Management System. Read more below about how this system can contribute to your goals.

What is a Building Management System?

A building management system, also called smart building, enables you to optimize the energy and operating costs of your buildings. The system has the ability to control the lighting, safety and use of electricity, which will make your premises a lot more energy efficient. For example, think of the lights going out automatically after leaving a meeting room or that the lighting and heating are switched off after a certain amount of time. In addition, the system can also measure the temperature and CO2 content in your property. This allows the working conditions in your office building to be perfected, increasing the productivity of the employees.



How does a smart building work?

Through the existing Wi-Fi network and possibly by additional sensors, data is collected about the building. This information then enters one central point, giving you an insight into the utilization of your property as an administrator. Based on this data, all connected equipment such as heating, computers and lighting, are controlled.

The new way of working

Because everyone is connected to each other and information is made available at any time, it means that employees are increasingly working at a place of their choice and thus not always present at the office. As a result, offices and meeting rooms are not used regularly and are unnecessarily illuminated and heated. The interactive workplace plan of Heuvelman perfectly suits this current trend. Based on reservations in the system, lighting, heating and air conditioning in the rooms can be automatically controlled. In addition, the smart building can be linked to existing audio-visual resources. If equipment is defective, a signal will be issued automatically and the space will be blocked. This signal is also forwarded directly to the service department so that the malfunction can be resolved quickly.



Your Building Management System at Heuvelman

Are you interested in the installation or in further possibilities of a Building Management System? Contact Heuvelman. We will inform and advise you on what best suits your organization.

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