Encouraging the transfer of knowledge

Heuvelman has extensive experience in the field of permanent audiovisual facilities for educational spaces. Universities and other higher education institutions can rely on Heuvelman for the complete audiovisual arrangement of lecture halls, classrooms, public spaces, and recording studios. We will find the most suitable solutions for you that support the transfer of knowledge from teacher to student. Our organisation gladly advises you on the ways in which your educational institution can design its spaces (even better) with the appropriate equipment and make the best use of audiovisual resources in an educational setting. In addition to complete furnishing, you can purchase systems for livestreaming such as operating systems, camera systems, and interactive voice systems. Finally, the provision of separate audiovisual equipment, such as projectors, monitors, and customised furniture are amongst the possibilities.


Service and maintenance

The service department at Heuvelman aims to make sure you, as an educational institution, are completely carefree regarding your audiovisual equipment. This is achieved by being available 24/7, having an in-house repair department and by employing our own service engineers. We also contribute to the service by offering you various training courses. Heuvelman aims to take the number one ‘top-of-mind’ position in terms of customer-orientation and service at higher education institutions. Read more about service & maintenance and find out how we can enable you to use your installation without concern at any moment. Additionally, find out about the advantages of our own repair department, training sessions, service agreements, and online monitoring.

Innovations in education: our vision

E-learning: investing in the future

In Heuvelman’s view, universities and other higher education institutions will turn to e-learning more often in the coming years. Classes will be followed more frequently by the means of webcasting. This is due to the increasing demand for high-quality education at low costs combined with the students' need for flexibility in their schedules. There are several studies that show that e-learning can improve the quality of education. Buildings and spaces must therefore be designed to be flexible and able to catch up with these developments. The teacher must be able to set up a webcast independently. Locations should ideally be fully automatised making sure that all the equipment is up and running with only one push of a button. ICT plays a crucial role in these developments and Heuvelman is happy to think along with you in this area.

AV & ICT integration

Our view is that audiovisual equipment is eventually a part of one central AV-ICT system. In an integrated system, everything is controlled from a distance in a single network. From analysing audiovisual equipment in the workplace to integrating ICT equipment into audio-visual solutions in order to operate one system, but also video conferencing systems that are connected to the ICT network of the location, or streaming video, data and audio through such networks, for example. The integration of AV and ICT has been in use for some time, since these two technologies are increasingly merging. We have knowledge and many years of experience to integrate these two systems. You can benefit from this in numerous ways. Firstly, there is no need to create a separate network. Secondly, the integrated strategy ensures that AV and Information and Communication Technology reinforce each other. Thirdly, administrators can monitor and manage the two components simultaneously with the same tools and processes, making its management more user-friendly. Finally, only one contact point is needed. Educational institutions can contact Heuvelman for advice in this area. Read more about Heuvelman's expertise in the field of ICT and find out how we can answer your AV- and ICT-related questions.

Examples of innovative educational solutions are:

  • College-app: For the education market, the Content Design department of Heuvelman developed the college-app that combines several smart applications:

    • Attendance registration by using QR codes.
    • In case of absence, students will receive a link to the web lecture.
    • Changes and adjustments in the class timetable are also being communicated through the college-app.
    • It is also possible to add some dynamic to the classes by sending questions or statements to the students, which can also be done in advande of course

  • Beacons: These are small Bluetooth devices that can connect to almost all smartphones within a pre-set range. With these iBeacons, it is relatively easy to transfer information to students or teachers. It is also possible to make room accessibility visible; think of workplaces or meeting rooms and providing an overview of rooms on interactive maps.