Transparent display

A collaboration between the virtual world and your product

  • Combination of visual content with your product
  • Expandable with an interactive touch application
  • Suitable for refrigerators, mirrors and exhibition stands

Screens and monitors are not to be missed from everyday life. The newest revolution is a see-through screen: the transparent display. With this you create the ultimate combination of the virtual world and reality.

What is a transparent display?

A transparent display lets you combine real objects, such as a refrigerator, mirror or aquarium with content on the screen. Through the transparency of the glass screen, one can see what is shown behind the screen. At the same time, customized animations appear on the display. This combination has more impact than a 3D view because the product and virtual image work together.

Use of the display

The transparent display is ideal for office buildings, business restaurants, fairs, event venues and educational purposes but also very useful in the retail out-of-home market. For a supermarket, for example, the display may be a model that can generate extra income for they can offer additional promotion on their products. In the hospitality industry, you can combine mirrors with a transparent display on which you can show your chosen content. When the visitor gets closers to the screen, the content changes into a real mirror by a built in sensor.

Heuvelman and transparent displays

The displays are available in different sizes, either as glass or mirror, with or without interactive multi-touch, completely branded to your desired style. Look for inspiration to our transparent refrigerator. Are you interested in a transparent display? Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can think of a creative solution, either temporary or for a longer term.

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