Transparent refrigerator

Turn your refrigerator into a traffic builder

  • Combine a refrigerator with a transparent display
  • A true eye-catcher to your visitors
  • Increase interactivity with multi-touch

Combining a transparent display with a refrigerator turns a simple object into a traffic builder. Customized animation lets you easily transfer your message to passers-by. Read more about the concept and use of the transparent refrigerator here.

What is the transparent refrigerator?

A refrigerator is usually not seen as the most attractive object in a room and is therefore often concealed. But not with our transparent refrigerator! By means of a transparent display, the products in the refrigerator are being highlighted in a special way. The refrigerator can be stylized to fit your brand, including a fitting suitable customized animation. In addition, you can also choose a touchscreen, which lets you interact even more when creating an event. In this video we explore the possibilities of the transparent refrigerator.

Use of the refrigerator

The transparent refrigerator is ideal for business restaurants, gas stations, reception areas, office buildings, fairs, event venues, or educational institutions. It is also very useful in the retail or out-of-home market. For a supermarket, for example, the display may be a model that can generate extra income because they can offer additional promotion on their products. This means that the large area of the cooling is optimally utilized. Make a real eye-catcher out of the fridge and increase the interaction with your visitors.

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