Virtual reality

The best way to interest your audience

  • Draws the attention of your audience
  • To demonstrate your product, location or event
  • Endless applications

Virtual reality is the newest way to attract the attention of your audience, and keep them captivated. It is ideal to demonstrate products and locations, as well as events, congresses, and fairs. Read more about this ‘fake reality’ and find out how this concept can be of interest to you.

What is virtual reality?

In the past, it seemed too futuristic and far away, but nowadays it is widely used: virtual reality. But what exactly is virtual reality? It is the latest gadget in the field of vision, sound and experience. It shows a ‘fake reality’ in which visitors of events and venues experience a different world and can create new experiences. Virtual reality is shown through a VR headset. These are available in different types and sizes, which means it is not necessary to immediately make a major investment.

Why virtual reality?

Visitors of events or locations do not settle for the standard option, they want to see innovation and participate in new experiences. Virtual reality is the perfect solution. It offers companies, organisers and exhibiters the opportunity to draw the attention of the audience, both beforehand and during. Because the concept is still new to many people, it triggers a lot of interest. Everyone will come to have a look and will want to test the concept at least once. This will convey your message to your audience in an entertaining way, making it more memorable along the way.

The possibilities

Heuvelman is fascinated by the rise of virtual reality and would love to show you its strength. Recently, we designed a VR video tour for one of our clients. On a carrier cycle, visitors could cycle through the Keukenhof using their VR headset. But the possibilities are endless. You can freely move your customers into an area that does not yet exist or still needs to be set up. You can demonstrate "live" products and concepts that are still under development to potential customers. But there is more. Think of 'live attending’ an event or conference when your guests are unable to be physically present. Due to the arrival of the paper VR headsets, you can now send a stimulating direct mailing to your customers, enabling them to view your message in virtual reality. You can make virtual reality as extravagant as you like. Heuvelman is happy to assist you and you can always come to us for more information on the possibilities. Please contact us now!

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