App development

An app that suits your needs

  • Endless possibilities
  • Suits modern organisation
  • Provides your audience with the latest information

Do you want to provide your customers with optimal information and service? Do you want to make sure that they no longer have to keep track of everything, but you can help them with this? Then developing an app is the right solution. Heuvelman can work out every wish you have into an effective customised app. Below you can read more out about the different application options of apps.

Why an app?

Most people nowadays use their smartphone to look up information. This process is made easier by using apps. An application allows you to quickly and easily share the latest information with your customers. An event app, for example, where you can share contact information, the programme, a map and directions with your participants. Changes to the programme such as time schedules or speakers can be implemented easily, so your visitors will always have access to the current programme. You can also use an app to provide service requests to your guests at event venues, enabling you to provide optimal service to your target audience. The implementations of applications are innumerable. You will see that the app will be an added value to your organisation.

Heuvelman and app development

Would you like to develop an app? Heuvelman's experienced content designers are happy to help. In cooperation with you, we will create a suitable design that best matches your needs and usage. As a result, the app will ultimately be used as effectively as possible. As the app can be developed in an Apple and Android interface, it will be accessible to everyone. Heuvelman has a lot of experience in developing apps. For example, we have previously developed a conference app and a service app.

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